Essential Care’s COVID-19 Response Plan

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Essential Care is working hard to maintain the health and safety of our Consumers, Participants and Support Workers. Our COVID-19 response plan was created to help provide support, protection and reassurance to Consumers/Participants and Staff of Essential Care and outlines Essential Cares plan of response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is intended as a guide only and is tailored to meet the unique circumstances of the pandemic. As advice is issued by the world health organisation and chief medical officer for Australia as well as common sense, guided by the Essential Care directors, the plan is changed accordingly.

The objectives of the response plan is to provide timely and accurate information, reduce the risk of serious illness and death, reduce the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak within Essential Care and to maintain continuity of services as much and as reasonably as possible during the pandemic.

Essential care is currently working off phase 2 of the response plan which includes:

  • Limiting environmental opportunities for exposure
  • Significant hygiene focus
  • Avoiding close contact where possible and when not possible, the support worker to wear a mask
  • Degrees of self-isolating based on risk factors
  • Recommending consumers/participants and support workers rethink their contact with crowds

Read the our COVID-19 Response Plan